Squint or turned eye is a condition in which the two eyes are not straight or aligned. One many turn in, turn out or turn up while the other eye remains straight. Squint may be on one side or alternate between the two eyes.

Some causes of squint

  • Hereditary
  • Inability to focus due to need for glasses
  • Muscle abnormality
  • Rarely, serious abnormality inside the eye such as cataract or tumour.

Effects of squint

  • Defective binocular vision resulting in loss of depth perception
  • Loss of vision in the turned eye due to variety of reasons
  • Sometimes it can cause the affected person to see double
  • Psycho-social problem

Treatment of Squint

The aim of treatment is to restore good vision to each eye and good binocular vision. It usually includes

  • Patching the eye that is always straight to bring the vision up to normal in the squinting eye.
  • Glasses may be needed, particularly for eyes that have defective focus. It may help straighten the eyes.
  • Surgery on the muscles is sometimes necessary.

The prognosis of treatment is good but it depends on how quickly treatment is begun. If treatment is unduly delayed, vision may not be restored. Early management of squint in your child can help save his vision.

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