facts about cataracts

The human eye functions like a camera. If the lens in the camera is soiled or smeared with grease, a very hazy picture will result. Cataract is clouding of a clear transparent lens inside the eyeball. This clouding prevents the image from being focused on the back of the eye.

Cataract is the most important cause of blindness all over the world. Although it occurs commonly in old people, yet it can appear at any age.Most of the time, the cause of cataract is unknown; however, it can also be caused by hereditary factors, trauma, exposure to UV rays and infections.

Cataract appears as a white spot in one or both eyes with first symptom usually being reduced vision followed by others such as halos around light and floaters.

Treatment of Cataract

The only cure for cataract is early surgical extraction/operations which involves the removal of cataract followed by implantation of intra-ocular lens.

Since cataract runs in families, the rest of the children in your family should also be examined by an eye specialist. Cataract is completely treatable; you can see again!

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